Melon & Prosciutto Parcels

Date: 26 Apr 2014 Author: Jacqui Categories: Food, Savory Snacks & Nibbles, Starters & Soups Comments

photo(65)A twist on the usual melon and prosciutto starter.  These make lovely bite sized and refreshing appetizers, especially now summer is just round the corner!


  • Cantaloupe/Melon
  • Prosciutto Crudo
  • Chives to use as ties
  • Small melon baller


Cut the melon in half and remove the seeds.  Using a melon baller, scoop out as many balls you can from both halves.  Now take a prosciutto slice and depending on the size of your melon ball, tear with your hands,  ‘square’ piece of the prosciutto.  The more jagged the better it will look.  Wrap it around the melon ball and tie it with chives as in the photo.  Can it be simpler than that?

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